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[I can’t put a picture here of a contemporary “worship leader”.  I’m a lawyer and I know I’d probably get sued! So here is this picture of the dead singing]


I have a problem with “Jesus is my Boyfriend” songs. They typically creep me out. Well M.W. Bassford has the same problem:

One of the primary criticisms of many praise-and-worship songs is their lack of doctrinal content. They’re so filled with glowing generalities that they aren’t particularly Christian at all, other than containing the names of God and Jesus. Songs in this genre sound like they’re about a teenage girl’s latest crush (long on “love”, short on specifics), so they have earned the descriptor of “Jesus-is-my-boyfriend” songs.

Therefore, he has provided a helpful test to weed out these noxious plants. Read it and then send it to your music leader (but be very polite!)