William Perkins, collected works volume one

And to induce us unto this good duty, let us consider the gracious promises made to them that be poor in spirit. They are called “God’s poor” [Ps. 72:2]. “He thinketh on them” [Ps. 40:17]. Though “heaven be God’s throne, and the earth his footstool, yet will he look to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit” [Isa. 66:2]. “The Lord will dwell with him that is of a contrite and broken heart” [Isa. 57:15]. Christ came “to preach the glad tidings of the gospel to the poor” [Luke 4:18]. “The Lord filleth the hungry (that is, the poor and hungry soul) with good things, but the rich he sends empty away” [Luke 1:53]. Let these and many such favors with God, which they enjoy, provoke us to become poor in spirit.