Those who insist on a biblical counseling methodology begin with the Scriptures. This is their basis. Their writings are filled with biblical exposition, and psychological insights are brought in only in a secondary and tentative manner. In contrast, Christian psychologists often tend to start with psychology and use Scripture to back up their views. Thus, it does not come down so much to whether or not one is committed to the final authority of Scripture in principle. Rather, it is how well and consistently one actually uses the Scriptures in counseling theory and practice. This is how Powlison ends an article titled “Which Presuppositions? Secular Psychology and the Categories of Biblical Thought.” He asks three questions: 1. Does the momentum behind a particular idea come from Scripture or psychology? 2. Is the God-ward referent in immediate evidence when discussing human behavior, motives, norms, problems, solutions and so forth? Or is psychology the moving force in a system and Scripture is employed essentially to window dress and prooftext? 3. Do the observations of psychology illustrate and apply biblical categories of thought about human life? Or is Scripture used to provide illustrations, applications and parallels to secular categories of thought? 

Developments in Biblical Counseling

J Cameron Frazer