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Todd M. Sorrell, has quite a background: a former partner with an international law firm, a business man and published author. He is also an ACBC certified counselor and an adjunct professor of Biblical Counseling at The Masters University.  HIs book The College Choice began as a master’s thesis.  The question which lies behind the book is simple: Why should I choose one college over another?

In asking this question Todd runs through the basic questions which admittedly drove my college selection — and which informed my expectations for my children: What sort of opportunities will this give my child? Will this help them get a job? Get into graduate school? Make them smarter?

But what if prestige and money were not the only considerations in life? What if there were something more important than being rich?

Or to pu the question more pointedly: What if college actually did something to a student? What if college influenced the student? While I have seen this addressed from various political angles, I have not read much about how a Christian should choose a college on distinctly Christian concerns.

Todd addresses college choice from a distinctly Christian and biblical perspective: What does the Scripture say about influence? How does influence work? How should we understand influence?

Perhaps the most piercing question any believer can ask (or be asked) when considering a college is this: “What do you want to attend this school?” The answer will show a deep regard and consideration of God’s Word, or it will not. It will focus on spiritual concerns, or it will not. It will demonstrate a careful analysis of the heart issues associated with such big question or it will not. In short, answering the “Why?” question will reveal whether or not a student is choosing college for the glory of God.

In full disclosure, Todd is a friend and I received a review copy of this book. That, however, makes the last point most valuable: I was provoked by Todd’s book and the painstaking argument about choosing a college. I was provoked to example my own life and more directly how I thought about my children their education. I had always had a desire for giving my children the “best” education — through college. Todd made me think more carefully about the “best”.  His careful and penetrating analysis of the question of influence made me think more carefully about my own decisions.

The book addresses the elements of college choice and influence from a number of factors. Don’t think that you understand the details because you know the premise. Being a trained and talented attorney, Todd is thorough in his examination of the issue. You will learn something that you didn’t know.

The book obviously has immediate importance for those who helping their children choose college — but also those in a position where they are asked about making such a choice, just as a pastor or counselor.  Without hesitation I recommend this book.