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“The foundational issue for human psychology lies in the relationship between God and Man. While the sufficiency of scripture is a hallmark of Biblical Counseling, the more fundamental characteristic is the insufficiency of man.”
—Ed Wilde, “Why Common Grace is Not Enough
For Christians Who Counsel,”
The Journal of Biblical Soul Care (1:2)
The Journal of Biblical Soul Care Vol. I, Issue II.

Forthcoming Articles (April 1, 2018)  for the Spring Issue of the JBSC:

  • “Key Sources of Conflict in Multi-Ethnic Marriages” by Matthew Akers (Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary)


  • “Why Common Grace is Not Enough for Christians Who Counsel” by Ed Wilde (The Master’s University).


  • “Toward an Exegetical Practical Theology” by Joshua Clutterham (Brookes Bible College).

Also, we will also have two book reviews in this issue. One review is on Mike Emlet’s Descriptions and Prescriptions, and the other is on Mark McMinn’s Science of Virtue. I think you will find the reviews to be helpfully evaluative of these two books. Also note that if you are receiving this email, the next issue of the JBSC will be emailed to you on April 1st. And you will be able to access the archived Volume 1, Issue 1 at the below link.

Yours for the biblical care of souls,
Greg E. Gifford

Managing Editor