Michael Walsh, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

It is the thesis of this book that the heroic narrative is not simply our way of telling ourselves comforting fairy tales about the ultimate triumph of Good over Evil, but an implanted moral compass that guides even the least religious among us. Note here that the Left constantly invokes morality—indeed, often quotes from scripture—while refusing to identify the source of its morality. If “social justice” morally demands equality of outcome, obtained by stealing property and selling it to someone else in exchange for his vote, then what is to stop “social justice” proponents from arbitrarily announcing at a future date that it also morally demands the death of its opponents? What, after all, is the material difference between “thou shalt not steal” and “thou shalt not kill?” To the Left, there is no material difference; for them, effectively, both Commandments have been repealed, one by the legislative process (the welfare state) and the other by judicial fiat (Roe v. Wade). No issue motivates them more than the demographic self-destruction known as abortion; as has often been noted, “a woman’s right to choose” (their favored euphemism) is for them a secular sacrament, and the more babies killed in the womb, the better.

Read the rest. It is a brilliant fascinating ride through music and the 19th century and Faust.

What is most interesting is the relationship of the left Romanticism and death.