Provocations against thy divine majesty have
filled my whole life.
My offences have been countless and aggravated.
Conscience has rebuked me,
friends have admonished me,
the examples of others have reproached me,
thy rod has chastised me,
thy kindnesses allured me.

Thou hast seen and abhorred all my sins and
couldst easily and justly have punished me,
yet thou hast spared me,
been gracious unto me,
given me thy help,
invited me to thy table.

Here is the rest of the prayer.  If you are unfamiliar with The Valley of Vision, you should be. The Banner of Truth has made this work available on its website.

Holiness is seen (in part) in the clarity with which one sees one’s own sin. The accusation is that holiness makes one judgmental of others. But I have seen that the most holy men and women are most abhorred at their own sin.