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In 2 Samuel 6 records David’s work of bringing the Ark of God up to the City of David (Jerusalem).  The Law required that the Ark be carried on posts held by the Priests. But David did not have the Ark on posts, but rather put it on a cart pulled by cows?

Carrying the ark on a cart was contrary to the legal requirement (Num. 7:9), according to which it was always to be borne by the Levites. “The Hebrews here probably imitated a Phœnician or Philistine custom. The Phœnicians, namely, seem to have had sacred carts, on which they carried about their gods (Münter, Relig. der Karthager, p. 120), and the oxen were sacred to Baal (p. 15).” (Stähl., David p. 39). See 1 Sam. 6:7

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