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True Way of Shaking off a


There is a case which all good men, that ever were of any consideration in this evil world, have had occasion to take into their most serious consideration. A case it is, whereto a right answer cannot but be acceptable to all good men; cannot but be serviceable to exert and increase their goodness and bring about the Glory of Him[1] that has adorned them with it.

The Case is

What should good men do when they are evil spoken of?


What should be the conduct of a Christian when defamations are order for him to exercise his Christianity.

Upon this general case of all good men, the First Thing that I would propose is this:

Let them defamed Christian set himself immediately to consider, what his carriage ought now to be.

My friend, be more solicitous to do well under defamations and be better for them, than now to vindicate yourself against them. Let this be the first care on this occasion. Immediately pour out your fervent supplications, Lord enable me now to glorify thee. Oh! Leave me not to any forwardness or foolishness that may dishonor thy name when my own has dishonor cast upon it.

Immediately set yourself to study and contrive, what is the behavior wherewith now I must endeavor to glorify God?  Study and contrive, what shall I do that I may in the issue have cause to bless the name of God for those things wherein my names seems to be wounded?

When a scurrilous person once abused a very virtuous person, the wronged and patient servant of the Lord said. 2 Sam. 16.12. It may be the Lord will look upon mine affliction and that the Lord will requite [return] me good for his cursing this day. Truly if you begin your encounter with defamations ‘tis beyond any, it may be, that the Lord will requite you good for the cursing of your friend Shimei. He has already done you good, that good which abundantly makes good for all the cursing. You are most certainly in the way of coming at good that will surpass all imagination.

Blessed, blessed of the Lord thou art. Oh! Cursed of them that have blessing far from them! Having proposed and premised this blessed introduction to all manner of good, I will proceed unto a more particular description of a defamed Christian pursuing the honor of Christianity.

[1] The Glory of God.