A friend sent this to me. Simply wise and wonderful

I have had also this question come into my mind, Why of those who took the disease some recovered and others did not? The reason may be found, in one sense, in purely natural causes—some were physically better prepared to resist the disease, were stronger in vital power, and so pulled through. Others, not having sufficient vitality, went down under the strain; but I believe there is also another reason, and is to be found in the will of God. For some, the time of their departure had come, the limit of their earthly existence had been reached, and this was God’s way of removing them out of this world into the next. Some day we have all got to go, but how, or when, or where, we do not know; that is with God alone. In Job 12:10, we read:

In whose hand is the soul of every living thing,
And the breath of all mankind.

And in the 104:29:

Thou takest their breath, they die.

And elsewhere we are told, “Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His notice,” i.e., without His consent or approval. We speak of accidental deaths, at times, but there are no accidents with God. All things are within the scope of His providence. Some did not recover because it was not the will of God that they should.

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