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The Difference Between Shame and a Broken Heart: Operation

            They differ in these operations and manner of working for though a wicked man may, when he has sinned and he is under guilt and punishment of some heinous offense, sometime be humbled for it and blush at the remembrance of it; yet it works no change in him, it does not alter him to any purpose.  It may do, peradventure, as the angel unto Balaam for the time, turn him aside or stop him a little while, but not long; he goes on still, till he perishes by the wages of iniquity and be taken in the cords of his own sins.  On the other side, he that is truly bashful for his sin, he has taken such a distaste against them, as that neither the flattering baits of the flesh nor the golden flowers of the mammon of iniquity, and persuade with him to take pleasure in sin anymore; yea this hold bashfulness is like the flaming sword that kept the gate of Paradise that fallen man could not make any entry, for when we are ashamed of our sin it wards [guards] the gates of our hearts, and keeps us in that we rush not into sin again; for when God smites the conscience and reproves it savingly for its sins; it makes Job’s reply, Behold I am vile, what shall I answer thee: I will lay my hand upon my mouth, once have I spoken, but I will not answer, yea twice, but I will proceed no further (Job 40:4-5).